About Total X pest Control

TOTAL X Pest management is a well-established, friendly and professional company that takes nice pride in providing the highest customary of tormentor management in city NCR. Our mission is to provide tormentor management in an exceedingly skilful manner, assuring shoppers of our dedication to frequently enhance client services concerning consumer satisfaction, quality and value for cash and environmental awareness. TOTAL X Pest management primarily based in city, have over 400 shoppers nationwide. Welcome to a TOTAL X Pest management, a place that stands away from and unaffected by the invasion of any quite pests one can ever think about or imagine! Pests, whether house or otherwise, are the most unwanted and uninvited "guests" you'll be able to ever entertain, especially since they arrive and breed against your needs. Let's face it they are downright frustrating. Unless and until you get them out of your approach, there is no guarantee that your beautiful institutions can really stay constant. The worst part regarding having such infestations is the incontrovertible fact that they have an inclination to overrun the whole institution and treat it as their own, damaging a lot of property and cost accounting an excessive amount of, in terms of money similarly as time. You wouldn't want to droop around an area curious simply that a part of it's untouched by bound pests, and working simply there if and once you notice any. This occurrence is quite a standard one, and thus, you need a straightforward, smart resolution that aids you, firstly, in curing a place of all types of pests in an exceedingly complete and thorough approach, and secondly, in maintaining the establishment higher by preventive measures that you will take in and of itself.


Our main goal is to give our clients with Hight Quality services. With a specific end goal to accomplish these destinations, We at TOTAL X tormentor management offer precisely these services. We area unit the good resolution to your tormentor issues. We take care of pests of assorted origin, shapes and sizes from termite management to bird management, and from reptile management to complete placental management. We offer a fast and centered response and answer to your troubled queries, since we perceive the true and dire would like that you just would be in, considering any kind of establishment that you just have helped produce. Your job is to create, ours is to maintain. Only dedicated work and consistent performance in terms of quality of tormentor management Services and devotion to the given task will facilitate USA accomplish such heights. Our work is thus clean and almost perfect, as we provide a well-targeted response. We simply need your trust and nominal expenditure on your behalf, in order to free your architectural structure from being run over by pests of any kind.


Pest Control Services

  • General Pest Control
  • Termite Control
  • Cockroaches Treatment
  • Bed Bug Control
  • Anti Termite Wood Borer
  • Rodent Control
  • Spider, Ant Control
  • Mosquito Fogging