General Pest Control

Pests are intruders in your home that not only keep your home dirty, but also put great threat to your health. When pests and rodents like cockroaches and rats are present in your home then you cannot even keep your food items safely anywhere in the house. However, with pest control in Noida services, you can easily get rid of all these unwanted 'guests'. The services offered by the pest controllers are very effective in terms of removing the rodents and all types of pests and that also at cost-effective prices. Avail their services and make your home healthy and hygienic.

Termite Control

Termites eat all the wood and make every furniture hollow. Termites even damage your 'good' furniture to an extent that you can't keep that favoured piece of yours within your home. So why to let these pests live in your 'sweet home'.Take termite treatment in Greater Noida from TotalX Pest Control and make your home termite-free. TotalX has the experts who know how to remove the termites and they even make your home termite-proof. Call them immediately, if you see even a small termite ridden furniture in your home and give your home a termite-free environment.

Cockroaches Treatment

Think about the ugly cockroach that show up its face in kitchen while you cooking, in bathroom while you bathe and even in your wardrobe. Isn't it scary and dirty? Yes of course, because cockroach not only scares you but has the capacity to carry millions of germs in its feet that can be spread everywhere in your house. Cockroach treatment in Noida by TotalX Pest Control is tremendous and showed excellent results. TotalX believes in making every home pest free and to keep this mission alive, the service provider has developed special pest control treatments at affordable rates.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are the most irritating pests in a house because they never let you have a sound sleep in the night. These bugs give you severe bites and are very dangerous for your health. Quite a few ties, we sell-off the bed due to unending bed bugs, but TotalX has made it possible to have bed bug-free home for you. TotalX Pest Control offers effective pest control for bed bugs in Noida that saves you and your bed from harmful bugs. Call our experts and get the best services to keep your home fresh and lively!

Anti-Termite Wood Borer

Most of our furniture and home essentials are made of wood and wood borer is the kind of pest that breeds very fast in wood. The wood borer pest and its larvae damage the wooden furniture, cupboards, doors and windows to a great extent. But TotalX pest Control provides the wood borer treatment in Noida efficiently. Their services are excellent and they don't even use harmful chemicals. This makes them completely reliable and effective pest control service providers all over Noida and Greater Noida. They investigate your house prior to every visit and ensure full clean homes!

Rodent Control

Rodents and rats and mice are quite troublesome for home occupants. These rodents make our food, our floor and other things infected with several germs. Moreover, rats and mice are responsible for damage of our household items as well, because they cut everything with their sharp teeth and make holes in everything. To stop these rodents, TotalX Pest Control presents pest control for rats in Noida. Whether your home is a lavish space or a compact apartment, TotalX has all the capacity to make every home rodent-free! Give your home a hygienic feel with this effective treatment.

Spider, Ant Control

Spider and ants are such pests that are often not visible through naked eyes and this allows them to enter even at tiny places. Usually such insects are found in kitchen, which makes our food items prone to infection. Furthermore, eating infectious food make us unhealthy. So, why we allow such harmful pests to stay in our home. TotalX Pest Control is one of the leading pest control services in Noida that understands your health concerns and ensure full protection of your house from pests. TotalX uses herbal medicines to kill the dangerous insects and gives guarantee that there will be no pests in your home for a long period of time.

Mosquito Fogging

Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya are the deadly diseases caused by mosquito bite. Even doctors and municipal corporation warns to keep your surroundings clean so that mosquitos don't get any place for breeding. However, if you feel that your house and surroundings need mosquito fogging, then call experts from TotalX pest Control. We have a team of experts that offer pest control services in Noida, Greater Noida and Noida Extension with effective results. Our fogging treatment gives 100% guarantee of killing dangerous mosquitos and stops their breeding in and around your home.